Bailouts could cost U.S. 23.7 TRILLION dollars

via Bailouts could cost U.S. $23 trillion – Eamon Javers –

Twenty-three trillion seven hundred billion dollars.


Get a load of that number. It’s incomprehensibly huge.

According to the cited article, if a government spent $1 million per day going back to the birth of Christ — um, that’s over 2000 years — that would barely be $1 trillion. Now multiply that by 23.7.

Granted, the full pricetag would require numerous simultaneous system failures, but we all know that Murphy lives and that the system, when it can fail, will do just that.

Where will we get $23.7 trillion, over and above the ordinary cost of business of running the government? You don’t need me to answer that question for you. It will come out of your pocket and mine. Taxes will fund this massive sum.

Maybe we, as taxpayers in this great country of ours, should simply let the big corporations go under. Twenty-three point seven trillion dollars. Geez. The cost of the unemployment blitz that would come from allowing corporate America to fail wouldn’t come anywhere near $23.7 trillion.

It’s a cost-benefit analysis; what would provide the most benefit for the least cost? Somehow, I suspect that $23.7 trillion is the greatest cost.