Delain Law Office, PLLC, a law firm that concentrates in licensing law, with virtual offices and physical presence in Schenectady, New York, and practicing both nationally and internationally, partners with select clients to effectively use the laws governing contract and intellectual property to maximize their income and enhance the quality of their business life.

Often, the best way to realize the potential of our clients’ useful or creative work is to license that work to other parties.

What Is a License?

A license is an agreement whereby an intellectual property owner agrees to allow another party to utilize the owner’s intellectual property, especially patent and copyright, in a manner that is not tightly controlled by the intellectual property owner, in exchange for royalties or other compensation.

A license agreement is often a very effective means of bringing a patented invention to market; it can also be used effectively in marketing music, literature and other works covered by copyright. Because of the loose control under a license agreement, a franchise agreement that requires far tighter control is often more appropriate for trademark licensing.

How Can We Work Together To License My Intellectual Property?

At Delain Law Office, we combine our knowledge of and experience in negotiating, reviewing, and preparing license agreements together with the information provided to us by our clients during exploratory meetings to create a comprehensive intellectual property licensing strategy. We believe that the most appropriate solutions result from direct communication with our clients.

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