Patent Process for Inexperienced Inventors

Patent Process for Inexperienced Inventors

This one-day seminar offered by Delain Law Office, PLLC, a patent law firm located in the historic Stockade district of Schenectady, New York, takes inventors through the process of obtaining a patent at a fairly high level. The following is a partial listing of what inventors may learn in this seminar:

  • What is patentable, and what is not
  • How to maximize the chances of obtaining a patent:
  • What the role of the patent attorney or agent is in the patenting process
  • What the patent attorney or agent needs the inventor to do in the process
  • A quick overview of the steps required for obtaining international patent protection

This seminar covers those aspects of patent law that you, the client, wish to examine. The course is modular in structure to accommodate modifications to make it a perfect fit for your inventors,scientists, engineers, and support staff, covering only the material they need to know about the current state of the patent law in the United States.

This seminar also provides an excellent introduction to US patent law for non-US inventors and their companies. The course is offered only in English at this time.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a patent bar review course.

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