Intellectual Property Lawyer and Business Law Firm: We Help You Protect and NURTURE YOUR MIND-CHILD®

Delain Law Office, PLLC, a boutique law firm located in virtual space with a physical presence in Schenectady, New York, helps you protect and NURTURE YOUR MIND-CHILD®.

As an intellectual property law firm, we oversee and work for the registration and protection of our clients’ intellectual property (patents, trademarks, copyrights); we then work to help our clients monetize these valuable assets.

As a business law firm, we handle more general business matters such as corporate and LLC formations and maintenance, contracts, employment matters (employer side only), compliance issues, purchases and sales of small businesses, succession planning, and winding down and closing.

Our practice is transactional only; we do not litigate.

Matters we handle include:

  • Nancy Delain standing before the US Supreme Court building
    Nancy Delain standing before the US Supreme Court building
    Intellectual Property
    • Patent Law: Counsel, Search, Application Drafting and Filing, Prosecution, and Maintenance
    • Trademark Law: Counsel, Search, Application Drafting and Filing, Prosecution, and Maintenance
    • Copyright Law: Counsel, Application Drafting and Filing, and Prosecution
    • Trade Secret and Unfair Competition Law: Counsel
    • Intellectual Property Audit: Counsel, Audit and Opinion
  • Monetizing Intellectual Property
    • Licensing of intellectual property: patent, copyright, trademark
    • Franchising of intellectual property: trademark, FDD
    • IP Audit: Figuring out what intellectual property you have and how best to capitalize on those assets
  • Business Law
    • Entity formation: corporations, LLCs/LLPs, partnerships, sole proprietorships
    • Contracts: Counsel, Negotiation, Drafting, Development, Contract Life and Maintenance
    • Board of Directors advisement
    • Business strategizing
    • Business purchase and sale
    • Business succession planning
    • Closing and winding down your business
  • Personal bankruptcy described here

We help you promote your business interests, especially your business’s interests in its intellectual property. As your intellectual property lawyer and business lawyer, we develop a relationship with you that we base on fully understanding your intellectual property portfolio (including but not limited to your technology, inventions, writings, works of authorship (marketing collateral, website, artwork, etc.), logos/tag lines/trademarks, “know-how,” infringement concerns, etc.) and business objectives (startup concerns, growth, sales goals, market, etc.). We sustain the relationship with timely, effective, and efficient legal services. We serve clients in a broad range of industries, from startups to midsized companies, software companies, designers, and individual inventors, authors and business owners.

Contact us at 518-371-4599 for more information.

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Media Appearances

Nancy is happy to share her knowledge of IP and business law on your podcast or vlog. Here’s a recent (6/28/2022) half-hour interview..

Breaking News

11 July 2022: Be sure to check out Nancy’s videos — mostly short — on intellectual property and business law here. Subscribe to our channel or check back often; we frequently add more videos.

24 May 2022: Nancy’s article on whether or not (and when) an attorney should dabble in areas of law that are not part of that attorney’s usual practice appears in this month’s “One to One,” a publication of the New York State Bar Association. Here’s the link to the article (please scroll to page 10 to read the article).

24 May 2022: We’re still, and will probably be forevermore, meeting by Zoom or by telephone, with VERY limited exceptions. You can schedule your appointment using the links on the Appointments page. When we meet on Zoom, you will undoubtedly meet one of the office cats: Jazzy, Gus, Linus, Lucy, Scalia and/or Ginsburg; especially Lucy, Linus and Gus MUST appear on every Zoom meeting.

1 June 2021: Our logo is now a registered service mark, as is our tagline. 

2 May 2017: Delain Law Office, PLLC received the Small Business Excellence Award for 2017 in Albany, NY. Given annually by the Small Business Administration, this award “…recognize[s] businesses based on their longevity, innovation, sales growth, increased employment, ability to overcome adversity or community contributions.” Here is a video of Nancy’s acceptance speech.

20 June 2016: Nancy was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States.


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