Some Inventions Are Turkeys

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some of my favorite turkey patents.

US Patent 10,363,772 is entitled “Turkey Fan Favorite.” It teaches “[a] display device for spreading a turkey’s tail feathers in a fan-like display is provided. The device consists of a U-shape with 3 rubber quill clips, 1 located at the top, 1 located on one end of the device and 1 located on remaining end of the device. The rubber clips allow the quills in the middle of the fan as well as the quills near the base on opposite sides to be used to hold the turkey fan in a set position. When installed the device is invisible to view. This device is a multipurpose toot and can be used for taxidermy use in preserving the turkey fan. This device may be used as a mounting mechanism for wall display. A mounting mechanism may further be provided for the mounting of an object to the turkey fan such as the beard, or a pole for the use of the fan as a decoy in the field or a mount on the wall or shelf.” I guess you can show off the feathers of the bird on the table … hmm.

US Patent D861,828 teaches a design for a Turkey Hammock. I guess the bird needs to put its feet up after a long Thanksgiving meal.

US Patent D882,034Ā teaches a design for a Turkey Decoy. The turkey must be a bit desperate…

And on that note, I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember, if these inventions are patentable, yours very well might be patentable also!