Musings of the Season

The other day a cashier was lamenting, in advance, to one of my FaceBook pals (from whom I copied this posting) of the “dreaded next few weeks”. He said that he dreads the holidays and the number of customers that will yell at him, scowl at him, complain to him and push their way into lineups just to get ahead.

“Hmmmm,” my friend thought to herself, “Doesn’t sound much like Christmas to me.” Then she thought some more. She promised the cashier that if by chance she came to his till again over the holidays, he would be guaranteed one smile and no grumpiness. He grinned at my FaceBook friend, thinking that she was joking……but my friend kept on thinking.

So, here’s what’s become of my friend’s thought process. This is a challenge for me and for you. Take time daily over the month of December to be intentional about doing something for someone else that expresses the Truth of Christmas (or of whatever winter holiday you choose to celebrate): show love by shoveling a neighbor’s driveway; show peace by letting someone ahead of you in line; show hope by paying for someone’s groceries or plugging their parking meter; show joy by writing a note to put in your kids lunchbag or to send to a long lost friend; show hospitality by inviting someone new over for dinner; show compassion by holding a door open for an elderly person. Whether its for a stranger, a friend or someone we live with, the list is endless, but its so easy to lose sight of in the hustle and bustle of our Christmas obligations.

I hope that by being intentional, our eyes will be opened more often to the people around us and the ways that we can make their lives better. Maybe, by experiencing a bit of hope, love, joy or peace, the recipient will choose to continue to do the same.

Maybe the world can become a better place.

This post is the brainchild of Jacki Petker Kliever, whom I have never met except to steal this posting from her Facebook page.