If mummies ran the world, the world would likely:

  • have fewer wars (no mummy wants to lose her precious baby to some wartime accident);
  • have a balanced budget (no mummy lets the household spending get ahead of where the family is financially, and a mummy knows EXACTLY where that is — down to the halfpence, pfenning, sou, centime, penny, lira);
  • have good health care for all, and the ability to pay for good health care for all (a good mummy makes sure her babies have health care, and she’ll beat down the doors of power to make sure that the health care is covered);
  • be well fed (no mummy willingly lets her children go hungry);
  • have a clean and well-tended planet (mummies do not live in dirt — certainly mine doesn’t).

Maybe the Powers That Be should get themselves wrapped up in linen strips and learn to hang around with the mummies for a few millenia. The mummies have it right. They certainly have it WAY better than do the Leaders Of Industry who are hanging around Congress begging for a bailout.