Apple Customer Service

I got an email purportedly from iTunes on Thursday telling me that I had purchased a piece of software for $899.99, adding in sales tax (at the proper rate), giving me a registration key and giving me a link to go for “support.” The email looked authentic; it correctly used Apple’s trademarks and it had me — um — worried.

Problem: I never made an $899.99 purchase from iTunes in my life.

I called Apple Support and, after being shuffled around a bit, I ended up with a customer service rep who was absolutely on the ball; she had me on hold, but every couple of minutes she checked back in with me to let me know she hadn’t forgotten me. She tracked down the source of the email (it turned out to be a phishing email) and got right back with me to let me know not to worry about the email unless I had clicked a link (I never click links in emails I don’t recognize; no one should).

Apple did its job well, and I am delighted with this person I spoke with. She was pleasant, professional and personable. She handled my problem with grace.

Sometimes customer service actually happens; it did for me. It’s a small thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend, but the small things add up. Happy Thanksgiving weekend to one and all!