14yr old girl is missing

UPDATE: This kid is found and home, safe and sound, thanks to the Internet. Now for the nearly 800,000 others that go missing every year.

14yr old girl is missing…..

This is entirely off-topic.

However, the issue of missing and exploited children is important enough to make an off-topic post for.

Every year, thousands of children go missing. Some run away; others are abducted. Some of the abductors are the child’s non-custodial parent; some aren’t. Some kids just fall off the planet, and that is society’s shame.

I don’t know the person who posted the missing child alert except as a fellow group member on LinkedIn; he posted this message about his missing niece (of whom he has guardianship) in that group and asked that everyone get the word out. The link to his site is at the top of this posting.

The word is now out to everyone I know. Please either link to this page and send that to your network or, better, link to the page from which this info comes and send that out.

If you can provide any information about Jennifer, contact the Colorado Bureau of Investigations. Of course, if whoever has her crossed state lines with her, that puts it on federal time so the FBI would become involved.

Here’s a photo of the girl.

Join me in hoping for her safe return to her family.