Patent Practice and Bar Review

Patent Practice

Patent Practice and Bar Review: A second-semester college senior or graduate-level course that prepares students with technical or scientific backgrounds for practice as patent agents before the US Patent & Trademark Office is offered by Delain Law Office, PLLC. Students make an in-depth study of patent law and practice, with laboratory exercises in patent prosecution. Drafting patent applications, including claims and specifications, form the first half of the course; the second half comprises responding to a series of Office Actions. Lectures involve an in-depth study of the US Patent and Trademark Office’s Manual of Patent Examining Procedure.

Our teaching goal for this course is for a student who completes this course to be prepared to sit for the patent bar that is offered by the US Patent and Trademark Office. If the student wishes, and is eligible, s/he may elect to sit for the patent bar in lieu of a final examination in this course. Passing the patent bar and becoming registered as a patent agent gives the student a powerful and unusual skill set to offer potential employers.

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